The Berlin Pass And Its Advantages

With Berlin ranking as one of the most coveted cities by tourists in Europe, The Berlin pass is one way you and your loved ones can see the city and its sight without having to pay for transportation, get a fair discount off attraction entry fees and admission into museums.

The Berlin Pass is your ticket to seeing berlin and its beauty even in the most evasive angles in a short time. It is the complete package covering all transportation costs, meaning you could hop on a bus anytime without having to pay. It covers top museums such as the Pergamon and other fun spots like the Madame Tussauds, the Berlin Dungeon, LEGOLAND, the Berlin Dom (cathedral), and Bode Museum.


The deal gets better; The Berlin pass includes a river cruise, a bike tour with already provided bikes and a walking tour. If you are good at money and mathematics, you will see how little you have spent and how much you have seen, felt and experienced. The Berlin pass transportation advantage also means you get to skip ticket hassles and move around town freely and conveniently.

Last year, the Berlin pass got even better with addition of 4 top attractions – It now features free entry into some premium attractions that usually cost quite some euros. The Berlin pass now covers the AquaDom and SEA LIFE, LEGOLAND Discovery center, Berlin dungeons and Madam Tussauds. This is great as these attractions are not that far off from each other. It appears to be a 50-50 arrangement as the Aquadom and SEALIFE are popular among the kids while the Madam Tussauds is more visited by adults.


The AquaDom and SEA LIFE is a great aquatic and underwater experience especially for your kids; With over 3 million sea life animals and the famous Aquadom elevator, it is certainly somewhere to be checked off as visited on your list. Step into LEGOLAND and see what you and your kids can do with five million Lego bricks. A beautifully constructed Lego miniature berlin also greets you with over 1.5 million bricks expended in its construction. The Berlin pass surely is of great advantage when                                                   considering expensive attractions such as these.

A Quick Look At What You Get

You are entitled to four separate goodies when you acquire the Berlin pass, and each of these is quite valuable as a standalone.

The Berlin Museum Pass:

This gives you free access to up to 45 of Berlin’s best and most popular museums.

Berlin Attractions Pass:

This includes a free tour – sightseeing, bus tour, bike tour, walking tour and seven other popular non-museum attractions.

The Travel Card

Although optional, this gives free travel on public transport in Berlin fare zones ABC, which includes the entire city as well as some suburbs like Potsdam.

Berlin Guidebook

So you don’t get lost, basically a free and helpful 95+ page guidebook to glance upon and figure stuff out. It is available in English, German & Italian languages

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The Berlin pass – What does it cost?

The Berlin pass offers two options, the simple difference is the inclusion of unlimited transportation is one option and its exclusion in the other.


Option A – Berlin pass


  • 2-Day Adult Berlin Pass €99.00 – valid for 48 hours
  • 2-Day Child Berlin Pass €52.00 – valid for 48 hours
  • 3-Day Adult Berlin Pass €119.00 – valid for 72 hours
  • 3-Day Child Berlin Pass €62.00 – valid for 72 hours
  • Option B – 2017 Berlin Pass with unlimited transport card
  • 2-Day Adult Berlin Pass €115.00 – valid for 48 hours
  • 2-Day Child Berlin Pass €62.00 – valid for 48 hours
  • 3-Day Adult Berlin Pass €145.00 – valid for 72 hours
  • 3-Day Child Berlin Pass €79.00 – valid for 72 hours


It is important to note that the prices of Berlin pass usually spike upwards around early February each year. The pass has a validity for 12 months from purchase date, so, it is very possible to buy one earlier than the price hike and use it anytime thereafter, as long as it doesn’t exceed the 12-month period. The pass is valid for 12 months from date of purchase so you can buy one before the price hike and use it afterward.

Top Sights And Attractions Covered In The Berlin Pass

If you have a bucket list of places to visit in Berlin, be sure to check these off, they are already included in your berlin pass;

  • Open Top Bus Tour of Berlin ) – €19.00
  • Checkpoint Charlie Museum – €12.50
  • Madame Tussauds Berlin – €23.50
  • Berlin Dungeons – €20.50
  • AquaDom & SEA LIFE – €17.95
  • LEGOLAND Discovery Centre – €18.00
  • Fat Tire Bike Tours – €24.00
  • Berlin Insider Walking Tour – €15.00
  • Pergamon Museum – €12.00
  • Berlin River Cruise – €12.00
  • Berliner Dom – €7.00
  • Bode Museum – €10.00

Important advice for getting the best value from a Berlin Pass

If you are considering buying a berlin pass keep these in mind to get the best value and avoid complaints;

  1. Start Early

Leave your hotel as early as 9 am, this enables you beat the queue at popular tourist attractions This way, you are on track to see all you desire, grab lunch and relax before the days runs out.

  1. Plan your routes before embarking

Secondly, make sure you plan your routes before commencing your outing; this gives you the ability to know where to go next, proximity of attractions and which buses to take.


Finally, if you have properly read all the above, you would easily conclude that the Berlin pass is quite advantageous for you. The free transportation drastically beats standing in line for bus tickets, free entry into premium sights also guarantees a memorable tour of the city. Bring a friend or a lover – the more the merrier. Do make sure to visit all there is to see, you would be amazed with how much you save with the Berlin pass. Get your berlin pass now, it’s a win-win every time.

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