Berlin Festivals : The Top 6

Berlin is such a great place to visit ; the city, its history, landscape and tourist attractions are one that guarantee a memorable and enjoyable experience anytime. However, Berlin can get even better if you are lucky to be around in some time of the year where annual festivities takes place. We have carefully selected the top yearly Berlin festivals that are certain to give you a jaw breaking experience that will leave you returning for more.


The Berlin International Film Festival

Also dubbed « Berlinale », The Berlin International Film Festival is one of the greatest film festivals and remarkable media programs. The Berlinale started in West Berlin. In the year 1951, then as a summer festival, but has since 1978 been celebrated the second month of every year in Berlin.

The event is highly pleasurable with up to 400 films put on display in several sections, leaving the audience with many titles to choose from and enjoy all through the festival period. It is one to captivate a large number of audience and usually has over 20 movies vying for the Golden bear and silver bear awards. For all culture, movie and theatre art lovers, the Berlinale is a great place to be in February.

The Cultural Festival And Carnival

In Berlin, the cultural festival takes place every year during the Pentecost weekend, with the main attraction being the big carnival parade on Sunday. A Large population crowd the streets when the parade goes around from place to place on Sunday which usually take up to four hours. More than 900 artists both local and foreign perform and participate in the four-day street festival. This Berlin festival is one of the biggest platform for cultural display and expression consisting of both traditional values and modern swagger. The cultural carnival festival was first initiated on May 16th 1996, and had since then been celebrated annually.

The carnival in past years have recorded over a million people who have been visiting. Non-professional artists also use the event as a medium to put their talents on display. The cultural festival cuts across all age groups, people and society.  The festival is expected to take place around June.

Loolapalooza, Berlin

Although, just some two years old, the Lollapalooza is one of the most rated and reputable music concert in Berlin. Originating from Chicago, the Loolapalooza is a musical tour visiting cities providing inhabitants mega entertainment, fun and culturally diversified. The Loolapalooza brings big name artists to Berlin and been at the center of the city they organize a weekend getaway with A-list music artists.

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For this year, event is slated for 9th and 10th September, 2017. The kidzapalooza theme of the event aims to give kids a similarly pleasurable experience while exposing glitter, lifestyle and fashion of tourists and travelers from all over. This year features top artists will include; Mumford and Sons, George Ezra, Rudimental, Two-door cinema club, foo fighters amongst others. Be sure to get your tickets early enough as it promises to be a groundbreaking concert with mouthwatering performances.

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The Oktoberfest

There is no gain saying that beer and Germans belong together. Berlin has created a culture of a great Oktoberfest tradition, held annually at Zentral Festplatz am Kurt-Schumacher-Damm, near the Tegel Airport. Although it is very far from its counterparts in Munich, it is still a great experience for Berlin either they’re having it in early October or late September. There are a lot of interesting activities taking place, together with plenty of food and beer.

You might even get to brew your own beer and engage in a chug contest. The Oktoberfest party tent is 1600 square meters. It tends to get quite bubbly when full. This party is longest at weekends and an hour earlier on weekdays. The entrance fee is not constant though. Note: The big party is best on Fridays and Saturdays as the tent is usually less occupied on weekdays.

New Year Celebration

New year is celebrated all over the world, only difference is others don’t do it like Berlin does it. The world’s largest New year celebration takes place in berlin and usually commence a day to New year’s eve. The grandeur of the celebration is the big Brandenburg Gate concert, which holds annually on December 31st.

With more than a million people in attendance, Berlin boasts of the best place to be this night. A-list international artists take center stage, inspiring the audience with a host of performances all evening. At midnight, beautiful fireworks light up the sky lit up coloring it with an incredible beauty. A massive number, over 60,000 rockets ascend to the skies within eleven minutes. The Brandenburg Gate concert is then rounded-off after the performance of one or two more artists.

The concert concludes with one or two more artist and ends at about 1 o’clock. The celebration and festivities commences shortly afterwards. If you are lucky to be in Berlin, this event is absolutely a must-see and churns out a fun-filled experience for those who love music and folk celebrations. An absolutely worth seeing events and an amazing experience for those who likes music and folk festival.

Christopher Street Day

The Christopher Street Day is arguably one of the best of the lot of Berlin’s summer street parades. The Christopher Street Day commemorates the 1969 Stonewall riots on Christopher St in New York, from which the gay liberation movement started back then. Over seventy wagons enclosed by the following paraders, move in style and swag on their way from the Kurfürstendamm to Tiergarten. The parade is beautifully concluded with a grand circling of the Victory Column; Berlin’s phallic symbol and loved name sake of the local gay magazine.


Other incredible annual Berlin festivals include: the jazz fest Berlin, the German open and the famous love parade. Once again, Berlin is always a five-star location no matter when or where you visit, however timing your visits to see this events is something that will keep you coming back for more! You may just be making your best memories just yet!

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