Top Beaches in Berlin

Berlin is a popular destination for European tourist, one that keep most people coming back for more. The reason behind this is quite simple; It has exquisite culture, mouth-watering tourist attractions, kid’s playgrounds, zoos and a significant lot of beaches. Beaches in Berlin however, are not something mentioned as much as other attractions such as the Brandenburg gate, Aquadom and SEALIFE, and Hitler’s bunker.

This is a big loss for most uninformed tourists as the beaches offer a lot of experience and fun. So, if you are in Berlin, looking for some ocean breeze, golden sand and a little tan, check out these top beaches in berlin. Be sure to bring a surfboard around, you just might catch a wave!

  1. Bundes Presse Strand

Located in Mitte, is the Bundes Press Stand. Its name is coined after the federal press bureau. It is a nicely organized beach striking more of a corporate feeling than the other beaches in berlin. It is the kind of beach for people looking to enjoy a quiet time with business partners while enjoying the view of the water, a pristine splash pool and a VIP suite.  

If you are in Berlin for business and looking to seal a deal on a Sunday and still not come across as a workaholic, this is where to come. Entry is free while the Bar take cash payments only.

  1. Badeschiff

The Badeschiff beach bar is a beautiful place to visit among the beaches in berlin. It is a perfect beach bringing both a modern beach appearance and design creativity to tourist. The Badeschiff has a beach bar that is afloat in front of the Arena berlin. The panoramic view of the city can be enjoyed by tourists from the bar.

There is also a pool and river bank where volleyball, sun and fine sand can be properly enjoyed. Drinks are not in shortage as variety of cocktails are on display. If you come to this beach and bar, do avail yourself of the Yoga classes and massage sessions to relieve some stress.

  1. Strandbad Wannsee

If you want to pick a beach to visit with your family. The classic Strandbad should be on top of your list. The beach is rich in culture and had initially started as a family pool. There is no shortage of space and sand as the lido has over 1,275 metres of beach space at its disposal. The beach has several sunbathing areas, waterslide and sport zones. Find a group and form team as you enjoy beach volleyball, and soccer. A recreation centre for children is also available with bouncy trampolines, sand castles and other playgrounds.

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  1. Strandbad Jungfernheide

The Jungfernheide is a classic beach bath that usually charms most families on their first visit. If you are looking for some peace and quiet, this is the place to visit. The vibe is really lovable with a spa-like appeal for the women and daughters. The beach is an excellent spot for a long stroll with your lover or friend. There is a rope course for rope-climbing exercises.

It also has a special 50 metre boat track for racing or simple exploration. If you are looking for sport, locate the beach volley ball court and you will be sweaty in no time. The Jungfernheide more attractive features include the romantic meadows shaded from the sun by the trees, a water slide and floating raft.

  1. Strandbar Mitte

The Strandbar Mitte is not the biggest of beaches, but it surely makes up for that in several other ways. The Strandbar mitte attracts the considerably younger crowd with its impressive amount of lounges, lawn space and ocean view. Most visitors usually come here to relax after popular sightseeing nearby such as the Museum island. The beach is a narrow strip but still has space for a volleyball court and some other sporting activities

  1. The Berlin Gay Beach

Well, you could guess it already. If you are looking for a place to show off that beautiful body of yours amongst your fellow male admirers in the midst of an urban sandy ground, find the gay boys on the gay beach. The beach notably does not have a shoreline, but this is of little concern as the fun never stops.

The beach spans across 12,000 space meters with adorning views of palm trees, golden sand, and multi-coloured umbrellas. There are cocktail drinks, pizza and massages on demand. A little bit of volleyball won’t hurt on the beach sand and if it happens to rain, head to the box gallery to find the shelter on and pants down. More information here.

  1. Freibad Plötzensee

Surrounded by the Berlin juvenile detention home, this may not be the first place to strike the mind when looking for a beach day out among the beahes in berlin. The Plotzensee is a private beach that has a lot to offer however. If you are looking for some socializing, this is where the young and hip Berliners tend to spend their lazy days. The beach is overly appealing with a perfect sun temperature, a water slide and a playground along the beach. There is a wooden dock from which you can jump into the beautiful water if you ate feeling up to it.

The playground is surrounded by a lot of fun stuff such as the monkey bars, and basketball hoop. There is shelter readily available and food is not in shortage with barbecues and other snack on fleek. Close by the beach is the Volkspark Rehberge, a beautiful place worth visiting with big lawns for sunbathers, an outdoor cinema stage and a small natural conservation with deer and boars, that can be explored at no charge.


With the host of places and attractions to visit in Berlin, it is a little surprise why some tourist often overlooks the city’s beaches. It is however a mistake to be avoided as several of these beaches in Berlin offer much cultural exposure, socializing and sporting activities that will make your stay or visit in the city quite enjoyable and even more memorable.

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